Visa Application and Residence Cards

Visa Application and Residence Cards

Place of Issuance

  1. Overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam (Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam General Representative…)
  2. Border checkpoint (International airports, International border gates…)
  3. The immigration authority (Immigration Department, Immigration Office)

Visa Exemption

Foreigners who would like to visit/travel to Vietnam will need to secure a visa unless otherwise stated. Persons exempt from the visa duty are:

  1. Persons eligible for visas exemption in accordance with treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party
  2. Holders of permanent residence cards or temporary residence cards
  3. Persons who enter border-gate economic zones or special administrative-economic units
  4. Unilateral visa exemption: A decision on unilateral visa exemption for citizens of a country may be made only when the following conditions are fully met:
    1. Such country has diplomatic relations with Vietnam
    2. The decision is conformable with Vietnam’s policies on socio-economic development and external relations in each period
    3. The decision does not cause harms to Vietnam’s national defence, security, social order and safety
  5. Overseas Vietnamese holding passports or international travel documents issued by foreign competent agencies and foreigners who are their spouses or children; foreigners who are spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens who are exempted from visas under the Government’s regulations

Temporary Residence Cards

Vietnam introduced the concept of a temporary and permanent residence card back in 2000. The card was designed to serve foreigners who have decided to stay in the country for an extended period of time. Its validity largely depends on the type of visa associated with the foreigner’s purpose of stay in Vietnam and duration can similarly vary. The card acts as a proof of identity and effectively eliminates the need to apply for a re-entry visa when travelling in and out of Vietnam.

Cases eligible for grant of temporary residence cards and symbols of temporary residence cards:

  1. Foreigners who are members of diplomatic missions, consular offices, representative offices of international organisations affiliated to the United Nations or intergovernmental organisations in Vietnam, their spouses, under-18 children and housemaid who live with them during their terms of office may be granted temporary residence cards with the symbol NG3
  2. Foreigners who hold LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ or TT visas may be granted temporary residence cards with the same symbols

Permanent Residence Cards

Persons eligible for consideration for permission for permanent residence:

  1. Foreigners who have made meritorious services and contributions to the national construction and defence of Vietnam and awarded medals or state honorary titles by the Vietnamese Government
  2. Foreigners who are scientists or experts temporarily residing in Vietnam
  3. Foreigners guaranteed by their parents, spouses or children who are Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in Vietnam
  4. Stateless persons who have been temporarily residing Vietnam since year 2000 or earlier

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