LĐ – Foreign Workers Visa


Vietnam LĐ Visa is a visa issued to foreign workforce coming to work in Vietnam (mostly labour). LĐ Visa holders are allowed to stay in the country for up to 2 years and are eligible for Temporary Residence Card lasting for up to 2 years.

Visa Duration

Up to 2 years

Temporary Residence Card Duration

Up to 2 years

Basic Documents and Information

The first step in acquiring a LĐ Visa is obtaining an approval letter granted by the Immigration Department. Once in possession of this letter, applicants can then go ahead and have it stamped at a visa-issuing authority of Vietnam abroad, such as embassy, Vietnam General Representative or in special cases, a border checkpoint.

The approval letter requires applicants to present the following documents:

  • Passport – photo page
  • Information about the date of entry/exit, single or multiple, duration of the visa and the place that will stamp the letter
  • Invitation letter sponsoring foreigners to enter Vietnam
  • Proof of legal status as prescribed by Vietnam’s law: certified true copy of the license or decision of the competent authority on establishment of the company; document introducing the seal and signature of a competent person…
  • Work permit

Current holders of the LĐ Visa can easily extend their stay in Vietnam. The documents required for extension consist of: NA5 form, passport with LĐ Visa, Foreign Police’s registration of residential stay, work permit and one 4×6 cm picture on a white background.

Place of Issuance

Overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam (Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam General Representative…), the immigration authority (Immigration Department, Immigration Office), border checkpoint (International airports, International border gates…).

Processing Time

5 working days or less

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