ĐT Visa – Foreign Investor Visa


Vietnam ĐT Visa is a visa issued to foreign investors as well as lawyers practicing in Vietnam. The duration of this visa is maximum of five years and the corresponding Temporary Residence Card is similarly valid for up to five years as well.

Visa Duration

Up to 5 years

Temporary Residence Card Duration

Up to 5 years

Basic Documents and Information

The first step in acquiring a ĐT Visa is obtaining a ĐT approval letter granted by the Immigration Department. Once in possession of this letter, applicants can then go ahead and have it stamped at a visa-issuing authority of Vietnam abroad, such as embassy, Vietnam General Representative or in special cases, a border checkpoint.

The approval letter requires applicants to present the following documents:

  • Passport – photo page
  • Information about the date of entry/exit, single or multiple, duration of the visa and the place that will stamp the letter
  • Invitation form
  • Proof of legal status as prescribed by Vietnam’s law: certified true copy of the license or decision of the competent authority on establishment of the organisation, company; certified true copy papers proving the investment in Vietnam in accordance with the Law on Investment; document introducing the seal and signature of a competent person; temporary residence registration.

Current holders of the ĐT Visa can easily extend its duration for another period of up to five years. Moreover, foreigners possessing this type of visa can also apply for up to five-year Temporary Residence Card.

Place of Issuance

Overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam (Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam General Representative…), the immigration authority (Immigration Department, Immigration Office), border checkpoint (International airports, International border gates…).

Processing Time

5 working days or less

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