Vietnam Trademark

Vietnam Trademark

Registering a trademark in Vietnam consists of the following steps – trademark search (optional), filing or registration request and obtaining registration certificate.

Trademark Search

The first step of registering a trademark, albeit optional, is search of the trademark. A thorough search among existing trademarks in Vietnam will give you an idea whether your desired trademark is registrable in the country and highlight already registered trademarks for the same products or services. Moreover, results will also indicate legality of the proposed registration.

As already mentioned, this step is not required, however, having experienced lawyers do the preliminary search and identify potential pitfalls can save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

Once the search is over and it has yielded positive results, the trademark registration process gets a green light and the filled in application can be submitted at the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP).

Documents to be submitted:

  • Five samples of trademark
  • List of products/services bearing trademark

Trademark Registration

Next, submitted trademark registration goes through a three-stage approval process that includes: formality examination of the application (about one month), publication of trademark application (about two months) and lastly substantive examination (six months).

Success-yielding examination is followed by NOIP issuing Certificate of Trademark Registration (within one month).

Documents to be submitted for the approval process:

  • Trademark registration application
  • Twelve samples of trademark
  • Power of attorney
  • List of products/services bearing trademark

Trademark Validity

Successfully issued and registered trademark is valid for the duration of 10 years and can be renewed at 10 year periods for unlimited number of times.

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