Company Registration

Company Registration

Incentives provided by the Vietnamese government have been attracting increasingly more and more foreigners to expand their business presence into the country or start from scratch. With the possibility of 100% foreign ownership and a plethora of company types to choose from, there is something for everyone. Despite the international appeal, setting up a company does not come without its challenges, such as inconsistent regulations, bureaucratic difficulties and licensing delays to name a few.

At Interactive Associates, we ensure that the process of your company registration goes as smoothly as possible. We provide knowledgeable advice in regard to the most suitable corporate structure for your business, process all paperwork and communicate with the corresponding bodies of government.

Most Common Corporate Structures in Vietnam

Limited Liability Company Joint Stock Company Private Enterprise Partnership
Legal Liability Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Shareholders 1 (Single Member LLC)
2+ (Multiple Member LLC)
3+ 1 2+
100% Foreign Ownership Yes Yes Yes No

To get started, contact us and tap into our knowledge of legal matters in Vietnam. We will seamlessly guide you through the whole process of registering your company and do our best in assisting you in establishing your business presence in Vietnam.

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